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Who we serve

At Till, we believe in a comprehensive approach to family finance. Building smarter spenders takes a village. That’s why we like to view everyone in a family’s community as a critical stakeholder in their kid’s development.

A young teenage girl, her father, and her mother embracing each other while smiling


Till is a family business — built by families, for families. We know firsthand how the lack of financial education in schools means the burden of that teaching often falls at home.

We built Till to service every person whom you call "family." For kids, that means an engaging and educational app experience that lets them take the lessons they learn and apply them to real-world practice.

For parents, it means a collaborative and transparent app experience that gives visibility into every transaction, and insight into kids' spending habits, different saving goals, and more.

Till provides the security and transparency you need for peace of mind, paired with the autonomy your kid needs to learn and succeed.

Community & Family Organizations

Experiences like student travel, playing on sports teams, volunteering and other extracurriculars provide excellent opportunities for kids and teens to learn new skills in an environment where they're already primed for learning.

Those learning moments are a great time to get kids thinking about personal finance — what are the costs associated with joining a soccer team, or going on the 8th grade trip to D.C.?

Getting kids to be more mindful around the costs of their everyday activities can help them develop long-term financial skills, and better understand the economic realities they'll face as adults. (Not to mention providing critical accounting and cashless solutions for these organizations).

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A male teacher looking down at the paper of one of his teenage boy students


While financial education has long been a gap in the U.S. school system, without tools and resources, there's little educators can do to solve this issue.

With that in mind, we partner with non-profit educational organizations to provide educational curriculum and lesson plans for teachers to use in the classroom.