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About Us

At Till, our mission is to build smarter spenders. For kids and teens, that means we go beyond simply teaching them to "save, save, save" and instead equip them with the tools and resources needed to support them in the economy they'll be entering. For parents, it means equipping you with the tools needed to help your kids stay accountable and develop the confidence to make better money choices — together.  

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Building smarter spenders

This requires more than just a debit card and app — it takes the right experience and resources to put those tools to practice in the real world.

In the economy our kids are entering, they need to know how to spend money just as much as they need to know how to save.

By combining financial literacy and family collaboration tools, Till empowers kids with the financial knowledge and confidence to make everyday spend vs. save decisions that will serve them today and throughout their financial journey.

Helping families work together

At Till, we believe that becoming a smarter spender is a team sport. We built our philosophy on teachable "money moments," that are part of everyday life.  Whether it's talking about the price of groceries, budgeting for an upcoming trip, or discussing costs of new sports equipment, we want help make those moments as approachable and impactful as possible. It's not one big conversation, it's a lot of little ones.

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A flexible experience that fits you

We built Till to be flexible because every family is different. It's our job to put the tools in your hands and let life do the rest.

Our executive team

Taylor Burton
CEO & Founder of Till Financial

Taylor Burton

CEO & Founder
Lindsey Emanuel
Chief Operating Officer of Till Financial

Lindsey Emanuel

Chief Operating Officer
Laura Jones
Director of Compliance of Till Financial

Laura Jones

Director of Compliance
Antall Fernandes
Director of Engineering of Till Financial

Antall Fernandes

Director of Engineering