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A headshot of Taylor Burton, CEO of Till Financial

Till Financial Appoints Taylor Burton as CEO, Expands Board of Advisors and Leadership Team

Till Financial, a leading family banking platform that promotes smarter spending habits among kids and teens, has appointed company President and co-founder Taylor Burton as CEO, assuming the role from co-founder Tom Pincince. Tom will remain on the board of directors and will continue to advise the company. Also joining Tom on the board will be Brian Hamilton, recently the founder of fintech companies; Azlo and ONE, and previously President of Capital One Merchant Services, further strengthening the firm’s expertise and network within fintech and the traditional financial services sector.

Till Financial specializes in collaborative family banking, pairing a free debit card and banking app with critical financial literacy lessons designed for the whole family, to empower kids and teens throughout their financial journey. Till meets families where they are at key points in their kids’ development, like getting their first cell phone, student travel (e.g. kids’ 8th grade trip to D.C.), joining a sports league, or learning to drive, to make money management and financial education as seamless as possible. Despite a broadly difficult environment for venture-backed startups, Till Financial has emerged as an industry leader in family banking, with 160% growth in overall accounts.

“I could not be happier to have the business in the very capable hands of my co-founder and the wonderful team we built together,” said Tom Pincince.  “Our growth, and Taylor’s well-deserved appointment to CEO, will allow Till to fulfill our mission of helping families raise kids better prepared to meet the challenges of the modern economy.”

“I’m honored to be taking on the CEO responsibilities at Till and could not have learned from a better mentor than Tom,” said Taylor Burton. “We experienced tremendous growth in 2023, and we all believe this moment is a springboard into Till Financial’s future. We’re proud of the team we have assembled and the B2B partnerships we have created. I am confident that Till will continue to empower the next generation of smarter spenders in an increasingly complex financial world.”

Taylor has been joined on his leadership team by Lindsey Emanuel as Chief Operating Officer (formerly SVP of operations at the Atlantic), Laura Jones as Director of Compliance (formerly Lemonade) and Mary Kate Mulligan as Head of Marketing (formerly Goldman Sachs).

Till also furthered its specialization in business solutions, partnering with multiple organizations across student travel, youth sports, and education to solve money movement challenges and support financial literacy during key life moments in kids’ development. One key area of growth for Till in 2023 was in the student travel space – Till has developed custom product solutions to support cashless travel experiences and help teach kids and teens smarter spending habits on school trips both domestically and internationally.