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Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

June 10, 2024
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Maybe you had a paper route, or babysat the neighbors. Maybe your Dad paid you to wash his car or stack wood. Those first jobs are memorable, and important for learning about earning. Read on for more on how kids can earn money through chores and first jobs.

Research shows that kids who do chores may exhibit higher self-esteem, be more responsible, and be better equipped to deal with frustration, adversity, and delayed gratification.

Pitching in at Home

Parents can begin assigning chores to kids as young as age 3, as long as they are age and ability appropriate. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, research shows that kids who do chores may exhibit higher self-esteem, be more responsible, and be better equipped to deal with frustration, adversity, and delayed gratification. These skills can translate to school, work, relationships, and money management.

Some parents give a chore-based allowance, others don’t. According to Investopedia, 75% of parents pay an allowance, and a majority of those parents require their kids to earn their allowance. The average allowance in the U.S. is between $11-20 per week.

With Till, it’s easy to set up and pay a regular weekly allowance, regardless of what you require. And if you want to pay extra for specific jobs, like washing the car or cleaning out the garage, Till’s Task feature is there for you. You determine jobs for your kids, and put them in with a value and frequency. Your kids can see their tasks in the app, and how much they can earn. Once they mark the task completed, you confirm that they did it, and you can send their payment right into their spend or save balance. Easy peasy.

Whether you're thinking about home-based chores, extra tasks, or first jobs, here’s some info about age groups and typical earnings amounts. Keep in mind that these will vary by a kid’s development, interest, and ability, as well as where you live.

Chores by Age Group

Ages 3-5

For very small children, chores must be supervised activities, but by including kids in these tasks, you can gently set the groundwork for future household participation. Making these tasks into a game will help engage the littles. Include kids of this age in sorting and putting away toys, identifying groceries and learning where they go, and helping put clothes away.

Ages 5-10

Your 5-10 year old might begin to appreciate having some extra money and helping you or family members out around the house. Small jobs can give them a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Here are some jobs, and typical amount earned:

  • Cleaning their room: $3-5
  • Caring for pets: $3-6
  • Taking out the trash: $2-5
  • Unloading the dishwasher: $2-3
  • Helping with groceries: $3-4
  • Sorting laundry and putting it away: $3-4
  • Basic yard work: $3-5

Ages 10-13

By age 10-13, your child is typically starting to show more responsibility and is curious about work and income. The types of jobs they can do at this age will help them develop a good work ethic while still having lots of time to just be a kid. These tasks start to focus more outside the house and kids may even want to let neighbors know about their services. With Till, community members (neighbors, extended family) can pay your kids in the app.

  • Dog sitting & walking: $7-10 per visit
  • Babysitter: $10-15 per hour
  • Yard work: $7-10 per hour
  • Washing the car: $8-12 per car

Whichever chores your kids undertake, they’ll gain real life skills, experience and an opportunity to manage their money. With your guidance and support and Till to help you along the way, it's a winning combination!